Foreign Startups & Entrepreneurs near Stuttgart Meetup, March 27th 2014

Stuttgart is getting international with a meetup group for foreign startups and entrepreneurs. This is really good news!

Here are the details:

A group for foreign people starting or thinking about starting a company in Germany and having troubles understanding all the steps needed. As a foreigner here, it’s hard to know all the rules, tips, tricks and potential problems. With this meetup, we want to share doubts and our knowledge to help us get better results and increase our chances of success. German Entrepreneurs are also welcome to help us.

Let’s meet to know each other and know what we don’t know on March 27th 2014. Location: to be announced soon.

Sign up for the meetup here.

As this is the first meetup, it will be mainly to know each other, see how many we are, what we are up to and what are the things we know and what are the ones we don’t know to see how we continue from there.

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