MedTech Startup School Tübingen – Application Deadline: May 31, 2016

The MedTech Startup School Tübingen will be back this summer and you can be part of it! Application deadline is May 31, 2016!

Who can participate?

We believe in the power of the academic world to generate innovations to make the world better. So we are trying to build this “machine” where in goes a an idea from the research lab or the university hospital on day zero, and on day 100 out comes a working prototype that can taken up by investors or industry and developed into a product. But without people, ideas don’t turn into anything: So the key ingredient that makes all this work is the participants and the process that we teach them (see Steve Blank’s Startup-Owners Manual). We want the participants to learn how to start a company and to realize from this experience that they can do it.

What are the participants going to learn?

It’s an intense 100 days, every week a different part of the business model canvas will be validated by the teams and in parallel to understanding the need and the market, the prototype will actually be built. The course is part teaching (by Prof. Högsdal and Daniel Bartel) and part practical execution, with help from many experts and mentors following the Lean Start-up methodology: achieving a lot with minimal resources. In short, the teams learn how to build something that people want, and will actually build it.

Learn more and apply until May 31, 2016:

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