SAP Startup Forum Rhein-Neckar, 26.-27. Februar 2014 in Heidelberg

Your ideas are waiting to take flight. SAP Startup Focus can help.

We are inviting IT-based startups looking to pitch and participate in the Forum. Come to the SAP Startup Forum and HANA Bootcamp for two days of collaboration, learning, and networking with like-minded leaders focused on startups, technologies, analytics, and big data.

You will have the chance to learn about the offerings of SAP for young firms such as the SAP Startup Focus Program and SAP Ventures for funding young firms. You will also be introduced to the possibilities of SAP HANA and how it can be leveraged to enable or accelerate your products and business models.

Additionally, we’re bringing together experts and speakers who will help shape the discussion around the needs and gaps in the IT industry and where big data is heading.

What’s in the program for you?

  • Learn how startups can get traction with access to SAP technology, SAP communication channels and SAP Marketplace.
  • Meet representatives from SAP Ventures to explore funding opportunities (out of the $405 million USD startup venture fund from SAP Ventures).
  • SAP HANA test and development licenses, development boot camp materials and potential continuous technical support from SAP at no charge until your business runs live on SAP HANA (up to 1 year).
  • Gain a strong partner and self-assessment tools in the SAP Startup Focus program, present at SAP’s largest trade fairs.

Find details and the agenda of the event at:

Dates: 26.02.-27.02.2014, 8.30am-6.00pm
Location: SAP AppHaus, Bergheimerstrasse 147, 69115 Heidelberg

Application: until 18.02.2014 >>> Apply now here!

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