The European Pirate Summit is ready to set sail again, 26-27th August 2013 in Cologne

Cologne, July 2013 – Yes, they’re doing it again! After two highly successful events, the European Pirate Summit will again bring Europe’s pirate-minded startup people together in Cologne to network, listen, discuss and – celebrate!

“With this year’s performance, the EPS has established itself as one of the best internet networking events in Germany” said Niko Waesche from GMPVC after the last event in 2012. The EPS was called the “startup event of the year” (by Deutsche-Startups) and Lars Hinrichs tweeted: “Pretty awesome! Just come here”. This year will very likely be no exception.

On August 26-27th, the EPS crew is expecting more than 500 hand-picked entrepreneurs and investors. In order to access the event all participants have to apply. Once accepted, the participants can expect two days of craziness.


EPS is taking place at Odonien in Cologne. Odonien is one of the secret ingredients of the EPS. It is an artistic junkyard of sorts that helped create the casual and adventurous atmosphere the EPS has been praised for. There have been sightings of bass playing robots and fire-spitting walking bulls. The location is filled with metal sculptures and at night there is fire everywhere.

However, like any conference the EPS has an abundance of workshops, keynotes and networking opportunities. Speakers like Morten Lund, Klaus Hommels and Saul Klein as well as the handpicked participants have contributed to the outstanding and memorable experience. This year – amongst others – Marco Boerries, who recently raised $38 Mio for NumberFour, and Renaud Visage, CTO and Co-Founder at Eventbrite, are on board.

As one of the highlights, the pitch competition “Walk the Plank” will take place again. This year, it’s not only a two days event. The EPS is turning into a festival with a whole series of events: Pirate Week. The Pirate Week will take place from August 23th to August 28th. Events include the Corporate Startup Summit, Pirate Hack, Leancamp, Pirates On A Plane and many more!

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