Pioneers Festival 2014: More speakers announced – NASA Ames Research Center & Moon Express

Pioneers Festival, happening October 29-30 in Vienna, has recently made some exciting additional speakers announcements:

Aerospace Panel Announcement:
The latest addition to our agenda of 2014 involves none other than Simon Pete Worden, director at NASA Ames Research Center and Andy Aldrin, president of Moon Express.

We are absolutely excited to bring two of the leading minds in aerospace tech to Vienna!
Pete Worden has been involved in SpaceX as well as startups such as Planet Labs. Andy Aldrin is the son of Apollo 11 lunar module pilot Buzz Aldrin, who together with Neil Armstrong undertook the historic Moon landing on 20 July 20, 1969. At Moon Express his mission is to mine the Moon for resources to enrich and secure our future.


Other announced speakers include:
– Fred Destin, Accel Partners
– Neil Patel, Kissmetrics
– Danielle Fong, Lightsail Energy
– Steli Efti,
– Justin Kan, Twitch / Y Combinator

We got 6 weeks to go until Pioneers Festival 2014 and there are ca. 400 tickets (out of 2.500) left for you to join the Festival in October!

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