Startup Rally – Roadtrip across Europe in September, pitch application deadline: August 28, 2014

Startup Rally aims to break local tech bubbles and build a bridge between startup communities in various cities to help them exchange experiences and learn from one another. Moreover, startups will meet industry leaders to get their advise and investors to pitch to them, meaning they can x9 their chances to get the sought after investment from angels, VCs, and incubators. All of this in 19 days!

Startup Rally is a road trip for startups with a series of pitching & networking events. Startups can join in wherever they like and stay „on the road“ as long as they want. In other words, it’s a series of pitching and networking events running across 9 European cities with buzzing startup scenes – London, Amsterdam, Hamburg, Berlin, Prague, Vienna, Munich, Zurich and Paris.

Application deadline for startup pitches is August 28, 2014. Apply now!

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