Steli Efti – Success & failure in sales or why you should always follow up, 30th December 2015 in Stuttgart

Christmas break for entrepreneurs: Steli Efti, founder and CEO of, is back in town over Christmas and will give one of his famous talks at the Accelerate Spaces! Steli who is living in Silicon Valley since nearly a decade will talk about his broad experience in sales, about success and failure and why you should always follow up. Don’t miss this opportunity to draw some inspiration for your own business and projects from this incredible guy!

Steli Efti screenshot

If you’ve never heard about Steli (which is near to impossbile), watch his very well-known talk from Pioneers Festival 2013 on YouTube.

Registration is open via Eventbrite until December 29, 2015. Ticket price includes two drinks. Looking forward to welcome you for this super cool talk!

Image taken from Steli’s YouTube talk.

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