Skilldivision vernetzt mit Networking-Touren Entrepreneure weltweit – Silicon Valley, 20.-27. Oktober 2013

Wir freuen uns sehr, euch heute Skilldivision kurz vorzustellen, die Entrepreneure im Rahmen von Networking-Touren weltweit vernetzen. Nach dem Motto The World is your Class! Nach der schon ausgebuchten Tour nach Tokyo im September führt die nächste Tour vom 20. bis 27. Oktober 2013 ins Silicon Valley.

Und darum geht’s genau:

Skilldivision is an international ideation network for students, young professionals, managers and up-and-coming entrepreneurs. We offer ‘knowledge exchange trips’ to global IT & Innovation hotspots in order to enhance minds and help develop connections.


Skilldivision aims to build valuable contacts with one of the most dynamic and influential areas in the world. In April 2013, Felix Wieduwilt met several startups and successful companies from Silicon Valley. The objective was to establish long-lasting connections in IT and Innovation in order to offer internships and exchange programs to German speakers. After two weeks of great conversations, workshops and conferences, Felix was really inspired. A question and subsequent idea was continuing to grow: Why don‘t we offer such an inspiring international knowledge exchange in Germany, Austria and Switzerland? What’s stopping us from building a bridge between Palo Alto, Berlin and Hamburg by inviting foreign business professionals to Germany? Thus evolved the idea: Entrepreneurship Education, a modern form of learning for students, young professionals, managers and up-and-coming entrepreneurs. In fact, anyone interested in learning from other cultures and challenging their business mind by guided experiences can benefit from Entrepreneurship Education.

Register now for more information about the upcoming tour to Silicon Valley. The agenda and pricing has already been confirmed. Register here and see the agenda here.

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